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Dedicated to providing hair solution services to those who have thinning, balding or medically related hair issues for the past 56 years.
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We are a team of committed professionals who treat each other with respect and equality through open communication, honesty and who are guaranteed to exceed our clients expectations through service excellence and the newest technology.
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Laurie Nash

I never thought I would continue with my families business, but never say never. When I graduated from college, and came to ALHI to work for my dad, I never turned back. Helping people stimulated me, and I love it. I now have been with ALHI since 1990 and have owned it since 2000. I am married, have 3 kids, live in Haslett and love Mexican food. Outside of working, I relax with yoga.

Jessica Cooper

Chief Hair Addition Specialist
When I started at ALHI I loved making people feel better about their appearance. I ended up doing an apprenticeship and getting additional training to increase my knowledge base in the industry. I started at ALHI in 2010 and am the baby of the ALHI family. I’m obsessed with taking pictures and exploring photography. I love sushi, and I have three kids – two boys and one girl.

Carrie Osentoski

Operations Manager
As a hair wearer since I was 14, I was always worried about what other kids thought, so I was quiet and shy. That seemed to draw more attention to me. As I got older I’ve been less worried about what others think and I’ve been open with the fact I wear hair. And when I get compliments like, “your hair looks great”, my reply is usually, “thanks, I just bought it”, and they don’t believe that it’s not my real hair.



In the early 1960’s there was a conversation between Dwayne Bellingar, “Grandpa” and Rick Bellingar, “Dad”.

Grandpa says, “I am bald, why don’t you get me more hair?”

Shortly after, Dad attended Barber College and received his license. He discovered the options for hair solutions were endless. Dad was always looking for the next best thing, how to help people, make a difference, and pay it forward. The entrepreneurial seed had been planted as he began researching how to get Grandpa “more hair”. Being a Barber was grading, but changing someone's appearance and boosting their confidence by simply adding more hair was extremely rewarding.

In 1964, Dad started his quest to help others on a different level by opening Another Look Hair Institute. ALHI became a place where men that were thinning or completely bald found it much easier when applying for work or asking for that promotion for higher pay as they felt more confident with their new hair. Bald children being teased were able to build much needed self-esteem and make meaningful connections with others. Women with thinning hair or other scalp problems were able to once again feel and look beautiful and sexy. Dad was committed to doing an act of kindness to someone everyday. Passionate about helping people, Dad’s motto has always been, "Do the right thing and everything will always work out."

After 58 years of changing lives behind those private styling room doors, Dad left a legacy that I continue today. I came to work with my dad in 1994, purchased the business in 1999, and have continued Dad’s trend of helping others daily. We have expanded into multiple locations and are still doing “the right thing”. My dad dedicated his life and career to helping others feel and look good. I can only hope I can stand tall enough in his shoes!

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