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S. Blachard

I suffered from a sudden case of alopetia aeriata- about 10 years ago – due to a combination of un-diagnosed celiac disease and onset menopause . I made an appointment at Another Look – at that time – and received extraordinary compassion and service from Laurie and her staff. I ordered an amazing hair piece that was carefully designed for my needs. I used the recommended hair care products available at the shop. Today I am still a very happy customer. I donated my hair piece back to Another Look – several years ago – because I have a full head of hair! I continue to get hair cuts and use their wonderful researched hair support products (pre-shampoo, shampoo, cream rinse and hair spray). I cannot say enough about Laurie, her staff, and the service they provide.

C. Carney

I was a little nervous walking in the door of Another Look Hair Institute when I was greeted right away and made to feel at ease immediately. I was diagnosed with female patterned baldness a few months ago, and my doctor told me about Another Look Hair Institute. I have been going there for about two months now. There is already a dramatic difference. My hair is not falling out more than a normal person, and my hair is getting thicker, and I am seeing new growth. Laurie is truly very caring, and I actually enjoy my appointments. Karl usually works on my hair and is a real joy. He makes me feel better about my progress every time I go in. He and Laurie seem to be as excited about my new hair growth as I am. This is a real journey and to have sincere, dedicated, professional people that are helping me through this is a true blessing.

Jim L.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for another great looking hairpiece. I have been coming to Another Look Hair Institute (my brothers) for 30 years. You and your staff are always helpful. The quality of your work and the products you sell are the best. Please tell Sandy and Karl, thank you for me too.

Deb C.

I am so thankful for Another Look Hair Institute! The technicians are so knowledgeable, patient, and professional. I love the hair system Laurie introduced me to. I feel like myself again with renewed confidence that I missed with my hair loss. The individual peaceful private rooms with a calming environment are something I always look forward to. You will LOVE Another Look Institute!


Severe Alopecia
I’ve been a client of Laurie and her team at Another Look for the past three years after developing sudden and severe alopecia. Laurie, Jessica, and Karl have been extremely sensitive and helpful in providing practical solutions for my situation. For me, that meant a full cranial prosthesis (wig). I now own two, one of which is custom-made. Something to remember is that small adjustments are often necessary to get the wig to fit perfectly and comfortably, and also that your new hair looks natural and healthy. Laurie and her team have been so accommodating in making these slight adjustments and taking into consideration that everyone is different. If you’re not happy, they’re not happy. Sudden onset alopecia is a stressful and emotional journey. Be patient. You’re not alone. Recently, I looked in the mirror while wearing my new hair (custom-fitted, colored, and cut to exactly match all the hair I used to have), and I felt a sense of peace FINALLY in that I looked and felt like myself again. I am grateful to Laurie, Jessica, and Karl, for all their help. Personally and professionally, they are a top-notch team who recognize that while hair is important to our sense of self, it doesn’t define who we are nor does it determine our value as individuals.

Linda D.

I have benefitted from the services of Another Look Hair Institute for several years. Laurie invested time analyzing my personal hair loss needs and then recommended the products and physical support that have dramatically improved my hair growth and texture. She has also put together a staff that is personable and confidential. I am much more confident about my future look due to the guidance and nurturing of everyone at Another Look.

Yvette C.

I went in for a consultation for thinning hair; the reception was courteous, respectful, and professional. They offer a wide range of services without high-pressure sales based upon your comfort level and affordability. I bought the products, and I enjoy using them. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Randy P.

As always, Laurie Nash is top-shelf service. As any customer or client can attest, age seems to progress despite every deterrence. With this, one's appearance changes, hence the manner in which we dress, act, and especially one's hair. Once again, Laurie asked, listened, and acted on my concerns and as usual, I have a very nice, age-appropriate haircut. Without a doubt, I will continue to visit Another Look for self-assurance and confidence provided by the products offered.

Cindy M.

I have been going here for years. My hair looks great, and the staff is friendly and professional.

Carolyn S.

I would like to recommend Another Look Hair Institute and the services they have to offer. I've known Laurie Nash, the owner, for many years through a local women's organization. It was a couple of years ago I began having hair loss issues and called Laurie for help. She is a delightful and kindhearted individual that I feel blessed to know. After seeing Laurie and getting my hair loss issue under control, I reached out to other services available. I've been seeing Jessica, Salon Etherea, for a while now for salon services and my hair hasn't been in better condition in a very long time. She is a delightful person who I enjoy the time with during my services. I also have been seeing Kelly, Bare Bliss Waxing Spa, for waxing services. She is always friendly and a pleasure to see. Then there's Karl; he's the smiling, always friendly face you see when you walk through the door; or if you call you're likely to hear his voice on the other end of the line. I think there could be a misconception that only people with hair issues can go there; I thought that too. It's not the case. Lastly, the pricing for services is very reasonable. I'm looking forward to utilizing some additional services in the future; massage, A-Ha massage, reflexology, and Rejuv-Reflexology. I can't say enough good things about Another Look Hair Institute and the other services available.

Mike S.

What's most important to any client is trust. That's one of the biggest reasons why I've been using Another Look for so many years. Also, wonderful service and personal attention Laurie Nash, the founder and owner, has chosen a congenial, experienced, knowledgeable staff. And, Laurie herself is an expert at what she does- a complete professional. She's informed and curious, confident and dedicated. And she's honest and straight-forward. There's no problem Laurie can't solve. And no question she can't/won't answer. She's also one of the most open and generous human beings I know.

I look forward to each visit.

Jennifer W.

I just started going to Another Look in February of this year. I love my new hairstylist, Jessica Cooper. She really listens to what kind of hair cut you want and is very professional. Hair support and Eufora products are awesome. These products really help people who have thin hair. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable.

I look forward to each visit.

James D.

The staff at Another Look Hair Institute has worked with me to make my experience a great one. They are a concerned and talented group.

Wendi F.

I went into Another Look Hair Institute because I had my hair cut too short for comfort. ALHI sold me a wig with synthetic hair that looks and feels like my own. They also cut and styled that wig to a short style. I will wear my new wig mentioned above until my own hair grows to catch up in length as the stylist there cuts and styles my own hair to match the wig. They also sold me wig care products that I needed, and I am a satisfied customer, they are so worth a higher price.


Another Look Hair Institute was a new experience for me - one that left me with admiration for its dedication to providing services which bring a renewed sense of self-esteem to its clients. Initially, my gynecologist, whom I respect beyond measure, recommended a visit after I shared some concerns about the condition of my hair. That referral set the stage for me to expect only the best. However, my interaction with ALHI’s "family" did even more to reinforce my expectations. From the moment I arrived for my first appointment, everyone on staff demonstrated genuine caring and professionalism. I was treated in a sensitive manner and made to feel comfortable. The environment was nurturing and positive. I attribute all of these qualities to the owner, Laurie. This young woman is nothing but sincere and committed to doing whatever she can to provide her clients with a positive experience. She sets an example that is echoed by those who work with her. There is nothing superficial about Laurie's personality or the business atmosphere she has created. I trusted her from the beginning and continue to do so. My treatment is still ongoing, and with encouragement from Laurie, I look forward to a successful outcome.


Another Look Hair Institute has been enhancing my look for a long time, through three remodels. I have looked into some other alternatives for my very thinning hair, and this has been the very best way to go for me. They do stand behind their hair systems and will make any problem right IF needed. I am very pleased and have referred two other people who also have been very happy with their results.

Shirin C.

Had an awesome haircut! Love all the services offered! I will definitely continue to get my hair care needs taken care of by Laurie's team!


I have Alopecia Universalis, and I have not grown hair on my head since 2002. My new system from Another Look Hair Institute has allowed me to live a fuller life. I am now able to jet ski with my husband, ride roller coasters with my teenagers, and visit the Windy City on the windiest day and not worry. I have experienced the freedom to dive into the pools and ride the water slides again. I have been able to style my hair in up-dos for special events or just let it relax on a day I feel like a high ponytail. I have worked in orphanages overseas as a missionary and had children throw their arms around my neck and long hair, and I just enjoyed the moment. Words can not express the peace and freedom this system has brought to my life. Thank you!


I am loving the new system - it is so soft! I love the cut too. Thank you so much for the time you took getting it just right!


I'M REALLY HAPPY WITH MY HAIR. I am such a “nervous Nellie” about my baldness (as you might remember). I had beautiful hair when I was young, and it has been devastating, slowly losing it. I’m so grateful I learned about Another Look Hair Institute. However, enough about me, this is about Jessica.

She probably doesn’t realize it, but her kindness and empathy with my hair loss means so much to me. We have been working on the best color for my own hair (underneath the system). Every appointment has involved discussions about this. Today, I listened to her. She was so right. Over the last year, she has gained my trust because she listens to me and honors my thoughts. I am grateful for her guidance. I’m really happy with my hair.


Hair loss is a traumatic event for anyone. I started losing my hair when I was in my 30’s due to an autoimmune disorder. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I worked and worked on trying to hide the situation. I came across Another Look Hair Institute through an ad. I called and came in to meet Laurie Nash. It was so good to talk with someone who was understanding and willing to help me with this problem. I was not alone. I've tried several systems over the last 20 years. The technology has advanced, and my current system is wonderful- lightweight, very nice looking and easy to care for. Sandy Krum has been my go-to-person for a number of years now. I just love Sandy; her smile, her humor, her understanding, her listening ear, and not to mention, her talent! Sandy is just the best!! I enjoy talking to Karl on the phone, and when I come into the salon, everyone at ALHI is just the best!!! You guys are lifesavers!


GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Sandy is the best. So fun to talk to!!! 🙂🙂🙂


GREAT QUALITY. I was at a point where I was so ready for a transition from hair piece to full wig. I had called ahead and Laurie had researched what was in stock that might work for me. Thinking I was going to have to go another month with my hair piece; Laurie had chosen several wigs which were there for my appointment. I found the perfect one with Jessica’s expertise. With Jessica’s knowledge, support, and extra time to style, it made my transition stress free. Thank you, Ladies!

Julia E.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Awesome place, cause she is such a diva...I did some research and my heart was led here and I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Not only did Mandy do an amazing job on my daughter’s hair, they surprised us with a certificate for Mia for doing such a good job potty training! LOL...I couldn’t get a picture of her braided hair!


Laurie, your generosity was so overwhelming and still is. What was such a depressing step in this whole process was made so uplifting, positive and even fun, by YOU. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Sparrow is hands down a class operation. Please thank all of those amazing selfless women (who) help me feel whole again. They thought about the whole thing.


I LOVE THE PRICE. My husband is ecstatic and so glad I found you and this program while I was being treated.


I got top quality and couldn’t be happier.


The ease of the location made me feel so happy!


Everyone needs to know this is available. It has made me feel like myself and I had no stress! Simply amazing!

Russ & Margaret

Dear Laurie, words fall short in any attempt to express my sadness about your Dad’s medical challenges and how he has impacted your life. Probably the greatest pride a father can possess is seeing his daughter be a great parent and you certainly have accomplished that. For him to see you transform his little shop on Oakland Street to a major center gives him so much joy. The torch of his passion and kindness in helping clients continues to be carried by your enthusiastic sharing of your time, talents, and most of all the treasures of who you are for so many individuals. Only a few dads are fortunate enough to have a daughter like yourself not only guiding the next generation but continuing your dad’s long shadow of all his accomplishments. I consider myself privileged to be touched by your dad’s life and how you have carried on his legacy.